Elegant Consumer Empowerment

Imagine a world where empowered consumers control medicine at home: Independence and freedom to age in place -- More value for loyalty and adherence -- Improved medication adherence and outcomes -- Simple, easy interaction with family and care providers


Wulou Labs was launched to develop a scalable platform to enhance the health performance of patients with a chronic disease while lowering their overall healthcare cost by enhancing their medication management and adherence.  Wulou has partnered with global partners to create groundbreaking RFID smart label technology for pharmaceutical packaging. By combining innovative labeling with our patent protected Wulou scale technology, we transform billions of commodity medication packages into connected devices.


Wulou captures all prescription information at the time of labeling at the pharmacy — even allows consumers to make their own smart labels — and automatically knows what medications are placed on its surface. With our proprietary design, we’re able to count doses in real time, and connect via smart devices. Once synced with in the Cloud, we provide patients with a personal, dose-specific “medication profile.”


In the U.S., over 21 million Medicare recipients attempt to manage more than one chronic condition with medication. This population needs a simple solution to assist them in adhering to their medication protocols.  Their pharmacist and overall care team need the ability to remotely monitor adherence and intervene when necessary.  Wulou provides a unique solution that produces reliable adherence data enabling real time intervention.  This capability creates an unique opportunity for a provider, pharmacist, or payer a customer service to enhance a patient’s health.